Monday, October 27, 2008

Concurso Google


Meu bom amigo Thomas Chi me enviou o convite abaixo. Alguém se habilita? Abs.

"Hello Professor Marcelo Coutinho,

Google are launching a new academic initiative to help students develop their online marketing knowledge. It's called the Google Online Marketing Challenge and has been developed by Professors across the world in collaboration with Google. It launched for the first time last year and received rave reviews from students and professors alike. This year we would love to give you and your students the opportunity to participate!

The challenge is a great opportunity for students to gain practical, real world online marketing experience. Students also get the excitement of competing on a global level for a chance to visit the Google Headquarters in Mountain View, California, and meet the team that created AdWords.

What level of involvement is required?

We have made it really simple for students to teach themselves the necessary skills to compete in this competition. All of the learning tools are accessible on our online marketing challenge site. This requires a very small time commitment from professors (obviously if you have more time that you would like to dedicate to mentoring your team this is great too!). All you need to do is register the team, ensure you receive the Challenge materials, select an appropriate business and submit reports on time. Beyond that it's up to you! Plus, one more thing, if your team win we would love for you to come to San Francisco for a week and meet the team that created Ad Words

For more information I have attached professor guidelines for you to review, this includes an overview of time frames. Registration will open October 17 until January 23, the competition will run between February – May 2009, for any three consecutive weeks that you choose. The overall winners of each region will be announced in July.

Alternatively, if you need more information, I would be delighted to call you to discuss this further.

Thank you for considering this opportunity.



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